Read This “Heads Up” Information If You’re About to Start Shopping For A Latex Mattress

To make the next section a little easier to discuss, I will call the blend of natural latex and synthetic latex, Syntex. Syntex is another form of foam used in mattresses and toppers and is passed off simply as “latex foam”. Syntex has the same properties of natural latex when it comes to support, firmness and quality, nem cao su kim cuong   but it does excel in one two areas: consistency and life. The chemicals added during the manufacturing process allow for better dispersion, and thusly, better consistency throughout each individual piece of foam. This gives control over the feel and the density of the foam. These chemicals also cause a strong cell structure within the foam giving it increased durability and longer life without sacrificing comfort. On the downside these chemicals do irritate those sensitive to allergies and can leave a particular odor. Thankfully, the smell does fade over time.

Organic latex mattresses are very popular these days. This is a highly durable mattress, lasting 30 years and in most cases well beyond, still keeping it’s form. So no need for flipping or repurchasing for that matter in most cases. Organic latex mattresses are made from actual rubber trees, unlike commercial latex mattresses that use a synthetic rubber or a blend of the two. These mattresses are super dense and thick. With the thickness ranging from 5 inches – 13 inches. You can buy them in size twin, xl twin, full, queen, king, and California king.

Choosing an organic latex mattress has to do with what you prefer in comfort level. These mattresses are springy, bouncy and very supportive. What creates this feel are the little holes all over the core called pin core holes. These holes soften the latex making it comfortable for you. The size of the holes determine the softness of the mattress. The larger the hole, the softer your mattress will feel. You can choose between soft, medium, firm, and extra firm levels of softness when purchasing your mattress. You can also buy a more customized latex mattress as well. Choosing a mattress with different sized wholes in different sections of the mattress lets you specialize how soft or firm you want to feel in different areas of your body. Whether that be your upper, mid, or lower body. In most brands, you can even customize the level of firmness on either side of the mattress. The more common ones have uniform sized whole throughout the mattress. Choose an organic latex mattress that suits you and your partners needs and you can’t go wrong.

A true organic latex mattress uses 100% natural latex with no blending of synthetic latex. This makes for a consistent, high quality latex. Also, an 100% organic cotton cover and/or quilted organic wool for enhanced comfort. This is important to insure the feel and performance of the mattress. Organic cotton and wool make for a breathable, antimicrobial fiber that is also eco friendly. Some of the popular leading brands are Talalay 100% Natural, using the Talalay process and Naturaluz, using the Dunlop process.

The Talalay process uses a 6 step procedure that includes compounding, whipping air into the foam, pouring the foam into a mold, pulling a vacuum, freezing, injecting CO2 gel into the foam, heating, de-molding, washing, drying, and lastly inspecting for quality and fabricating. Whew! Sounds like a lot doesn’t it. Well, some say this process makes for a more consistent cell structure. This also makes the latex less dense to allow more air dispersed into the product. This process however is fairly new so not enough time has passed to determine just how long these mattresses last. With that being said, The Talalay process is said to be the premium way that organic latex mattresses are processed today.

The Dunlop process is similar to the Talalay process with the exception that there is no vacuum or freezing, and the mold is filled all the way. This makes for a denser firmer mattress, but less consistency in cell structure. The Dunlop process has a long standing history however, dating back to the 50’s and is known to be very durable and stand the test of time. Deciding between the two is a personal choice. Both process make for a wonderful reliable organic mattress. The choice is yours.


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